A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Smashcart Ultra is a low-poly shopping-cart simulator game where you get the chance to (or at least try to) control a crazy cart! But that's not all: boost your way through the corridors, get all your groceries into the cart, and checkout within the time limit! Just don't let the uncontrollable cart drive you insane!


  • Uncontrollable cart physics
  • Random groceries list (for a different game experience every time you play)
  • Dozens of groceries assets for you to grab
  • Power-ups for an even crazier shopping experience
  • Original sound design to keep you immersed
  • A selection of carts you have never imagined


  • A - Turn left
  • D - Turn right
  • Space - Boost forward (backward if the cart is stuck)
  • Left Mouse Button - Pickup groceries
  • Mouse Drag - Rotates the camera

A Game by Game Dev Técnico

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Diogo Rato

Jorge Nunes

Manuel Guimarães

Pedro Soares

Ricardo Rodrigues


SmashcartUltra-Win.zip 41 MB
SmashcartUltra-macOS.tar.xz 31 MB
SmashcartUltra-Linux.tar.xz 35 MB

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